Weird Results in Mr.Lebanon 2016!

إدارة الموقع لا تتدخل في رسائل أهل السلطة لا في الشكل ولا في المضمون ولا اللغة.. نرجو من القراء الكرام احترام النص في شكله على الأقل ولا نجبر أحداً على إتقان اللغة، لكن الشكل لا يحتاج إلا لشياكة فقط.

Dear Mrs. Nidal,

I was watching Mr. Lebanon on Youtube and have noticed something weird about the results in one of the contests (Please see the following pictures attached to this email)
For one of the contests, you can see on the screen infant Sandra risk (In the first picture attached) That she gave him a score of 9.80
4 seconds after that ( in the second picture ) you notice that the result score of Sandra was totally different.
Weird Results in Mr.Lebanon 2016!
Weird Results in Mr.Lebanon 2016!
I would recommend that you take a look of the pictures and view the video on youtube once again… it seams a bit weird… Don’t you think so also?
Thank you
Here’s the Video: