After we posted the article about Ziad Bourji’s ‘‘Shou Helo’ reaching 100 million views on YouTube, we did a quick search to see which other Lebanese artists have also achieved this feat. The answer was very surprising. the only other artist to cross the 100 million mark was Yara, on her song ‘Ma Baaref’ which was released over 3 years ago and currently has 119 million views. Which leaves Ziad Bourji as the number one Lebanese artist with the most views on a single song on YouTube with 121 million as of the publishing of this article. ‘Shou Helo’ was released less then a year ago.

Who Is The #1 Lebanese Singer Elissa, Nancy, Yara or Ziad Bourji?
Who Is The #1 Lebanese Singer Elissa, Nancy, Yara or Ziad Bourji?

Elissa recently released her full 2018 album ‘Ila Kol Elli Bihebbouni’ on YouTube and collectively it surpassed 100 million views. However, she does not have a single song that has reached the 100 million view mark. Her most successful song on YouTube is ‘Halet Hob’ (lyric video) which has 91 million views.

Nancy Ajram on the other hand, her most viewed song on YouTube is ‘Ma Tegi Hena’ which was released about 4 years ago and has 75 million views.

While Ragheb Alama, Wael Kfoury, Najwa Karam, Nawal Al Zoughbi and Maya Diab don’t have a song that is even close to 100 million views.

Fares Karam might just be on his way with his latest single ‘Badna Nwallea’ from his 2018 album 44:36. The song was released only 4 months ago and has already surpassed 50 million views.

Faydee, who is of Lebanese descent, has multiple songs that have over 100 million views. Most notably his worldwide hit ‘Habibi I Need Your Love’ which has over 180 million views. However, Faydee doesn’t qualify due to his songs being in English. English language songs reach a wider worldwide audience and target a different market.

An important point to note is that the above artists are all considered from the older generation and some have been around for multiple decades. While YouTube has only been around for 13 years and only became popular within the past decade which could be one contributing factor to the lower then expected numbers.

Listen to the number one Lebanese artist on YouTube:

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4 يوليو 2020
السفارة القبرصية أوقفت الفيزا لكل اللبنانيين
  إقرأ المزيد
قطع طريق كورنيش المزرعة - لبنان بالاتجاهين في هذه الأثناء
3 يوليو 2020
اسرائيل تستعد لحربها على لبنان ومناورات على الحدود
  إقرأ المزيد
ارتفاع جديد بعدد الاصابات بكورونا في لبنان
  إقرأ المزيد
انخفاض حاد للدولار في السوق السوداء
  إقرأ المزيد
انتحار شاب لبناني ورسالته الأخيرة مبكية
  إقرأ المزيد
حسان دياب يستقيل في حالة واحدة فقط
  إقرأ المزيد
عدم تمكن طائرة من الهبوط في مطار بيروت بسبب انقطاع الكهرباء
  إقرأ المزيد
2 يوليو 2020
شباب جل الديب يشكرون الجيش والقوى الأمنية ويستعدون لفتح الطريق

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