Wael Arakji Belongs in the CBA

After making his move to the Chinese Basketball Association in which he signed a one month contract to play with Beijing Fly Dragons, Wael Arakji exploded for 22 points and 9 assists in just his second game.

He looked like a league veteran playing alongside former NBA player and current CBA superstar Stephon Marbury. He looked comfortable playing his game and was very confident in leading the team along with Marbury.

Arakji was arguably the number 1 offensive option along with Marbury and for most of the game split they split PG duties. Arakji, The Lebanese Bullet as we’re going to nickname him, played a great and efficient overall game. The game was an entertaining one to watch as both took teams traded baskets throughout the game all the way to the final whistle.

Wael Arakji’s Highlights during his second game in the CBA:

The game came down to the wire with the ball in Arakji’s hands and his team down by 2 with a few seconds left on the clock. He took the last shot, a well contested 3 from well beyond the arc which completely missed the rim.

If Arakji keeps up this type of effort, we do not anticipate seeing him back in the Lebanese League anytime soon. Furthermore, if Arakji works on his shot’s consistency and improves his defense, we don’t see why he won’t get a crack at making the NBA within the next few years.

Al Jaras Editors